MySql Simple

A simple way to access a MySQL database using .NET Standard

Sample code

The following shows the complete code for using this libary fetching a list of users from the database and adding them to a list. Note that the user object is not included in the libary.
For more information on the this code, read below for the full explaination.

    var Users = new List<User>();
    using (Database db = ConnectionString){
        using (var result = 
                db.Select("ID, username, FirstName, LastName, DateOfBirth")
                  .Where("IsActive = $0 AND username LIKE '@1%' AND FirstName = $2", true, "test", "Test")
            if (!results){
                // no results
            while (result.Read())
                users.Add(new User() {
                    ID = result["ID"],
                    UserName = result["username"],
                    FirstName = result["FirstName"],
                    LastName = result["LastName"],
                    DateOfBirth = result["DateOfBirth"]